'Square Cubed'
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The Installation

The Occasion

Here is what you need to do:

2. Wish for the future:
Write your wish for the future of the world in one sentence. This will be displayed as part of the Installation during 13th -18th of Decmber 2005 in Bombay, India




e-mail address

Write your wish for the future of the world in one sentence.

A one line writing that says: “I wish……….”

Email: awish@coloursofindia.net
Last date: Monday, 9th of December 2005

Invitation to children in the age group of 5 to 15 years, from across the globe, to participate in expressing their own vision of the future (sent as a drawing), along with a wish for the future (expressed in words in about 1 or 2 sentences).

Your drawing will be blown up into a 1ft/1ft image, framed in acrylic, and mounted as a square frame on a 16 ft giant square cube (the parent cube) made of hollow steel sections and painted in white and black. All the ‘vision of the future’ frames by the children will go to form the skin on the black section of the giant cube.
Your written wish will be displayed on a sister cube (in white) located by the side of the parent cube. One face of this cube will be set aside for participants and visitors at the Expo to pen their own wish for the future.
Further, there will be suspended inside the giant cube, a third cube, that will be used by Jehangir Jani - a renowned painter and installation artist from India – to express his own thoughts based on the vision(s) presented by the participating children from around the globe.

The Occasion:

The installation has been conceived on the occasion of the ‘World Expo and Conferences’ (Dec 14 to 18, 2005), conceptualized to showcase the most innovative trends and materials in the fields of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), and the first ever global exposition of its kind for these industries in India.

The Exposition will bring together some of the most renowned architects worldwide such as Zaha Hadid (UK), Bernard Schumi (USA), Mario Botta (Switzerland), Kengo Kuma (Japan), Stefan Behnisch and Jurgen Mayer (Germany) among others. And will feature over 300 industry majors from the engineering and construction sectors. The World Expo, spread across a 15,000 sq. m. area exhibition space, is poised to receive an expected turnout of 40,000 visitors.
The installation of the giant cubes will be positioned at the entrance of the Expo in an open-to-sky location, and is expected to tour other cities such as Delhi and Bangalore after the December Expo in Mumbai.

The World Expo is the brainchild of India’s leading architecture monthly publication, the Indian Architecture and Builder (IA&B) with its sister publications in Interior Design and Digital Media, all headquartered in Mumbai under publisher Jasubhai Media.


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