You can make some really exciting stuff here. All you need is any coloured ink, a Notebook, a thread/string...Just go by the steps...
step 1: Dip the thread in the inkpot.
step 2: Now place the dipped thread on a blank page in the notebook, so that a part of the thread is sticking out of the notebook.
step 3: Close the notebook and now for some action... place one of your hands firmly on the closed notebook and with the other hand pull out the thread in a zig-zag motion.

step 4: Now to the page in the book... isn't it beautiful...! You can make beautiful patterns like these and give them to your friends and relatives as birthday greetings, posters etc...! Everybody will surely like them.

I hope you saw all the nooks and corners of the school.You must be tired by now and so there's a surprise waiting for click here to recieve a wonderful certificate. You can either print it or send it to your friends...