T h e....S t o r y....o f....C a l l i....&....G r a p h y

Long ago set in the valley
Of mountains high
is the tale of a young girl
Calli was her name.

She danced around trees
and ran with the winds
When wild birds sang
She watched then sing

Calli loved drawing
lines very much
She drew lines of all types
But not one line made her smile.

She thought all her lines were ugly
She desired for someone to come
and show her how to draw
lines that were pretty.

Days flew by, no one came
Calli's unhappiness turned to despair
Her tale of grief soon reached
lands far and wide.

Then upon Calli fortune smiled
With spring came a little boy
Graphy was naughty but
cute and nice.

His sprit was free like a bird to fly.
Calli and graphy became friends

Graphy taught her new things then
Together they saw
the sun set and rise
He brought beauty back to her life.

Then lines they drew
Which expressed
Their feelings and
their heart's quest.

Each line created
was a beautiful sight
They drew by day
and by night

Every line had a story of its own to tell
Each creation was a magical spell.
Lines soon letter became
and told the story Of their fame.

Calli and Graphy in happiness lived
Glory and fame they achieved

Since this art was created
by Calli and Graphy
It came to be known as

by Firuzan Mistry


If you write a poem about Calli and Graphy, do send to
Project Solar Eclipse '99