The ancient Chinese would produce
great noise and commotion with all they could
banging on pots and drums to frighten away
the dragon.

In China many centuries ago
the shang people
thought as through
a huge monster appeared
in the sky
and devoured the sun
up so high.

The Shang people called Solar Eclipse as 'Chih'.

During the reign of Empress Teng
The eclipse occurred on 'wu-wu' day.
It was 110 degrees in the
constellation of the maid.
The astrologers predicted
the empresses death.

Princess Teng Dowager died exactly 2 years and 3 months later. During the time of the Solar Eclipse the empress had shown an eversion to it.

The solar Eclipse is considered as an evil omen in the Chinese, Greek, Incas and Indian cultures. It is an indication from God of his anger towards 'man'.

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