The loss of the sun, the source of life even for a moment has left a deep impression on beholders. People from different parts of the world have interpreted this happening in many different ways. The unexpected descent of darkness at daytime was considered a bad omen and in turn has been associated with many tales, beliefs and myths.

For centuries, the priests of ancient civilisations in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and India kept the knowledge of eclipses to themselves. Because they could predict the occurrence of eclipses they could frighten people into believing that they had the power to cause eclipses at will. People were made to fear eclipses and to make sacrifices to guard against their effects.

But today, when we have the the knowledge to understand this natural phenomena, there should be no reason to continue to live in fear of eclipses. Why should we prevent ourselves from enjoying an opportunity to see a fantastic view, a view that tells us of our place in the universe ?

It is an opportunity to think about the sun and a celestial game played by moon and interpret this in interesting ways. Lets add onto the tales that others before us have conceived.

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