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Play with JODO and make shapes. Maybe you will discover a shape nobody ver made before in all history.

The JOD kit consists of connectors and straws. The secret of JODO is in the unique and orginal connector,whose arm can be bent to take any direction in psace. Join the straws, using the connectors. By follwing simple rules you can make beautiful and exciting new shapes.

These kits are available at Navnirmiti and Comet Media Foundation.

These JODO kits are priced at Rs. 120/-

(Navnirmiti is a non-profit society which develops and produces innovative low cost scientific toys.
Comet is a non-profit society which promotes innovative methods of education using various media).

2 Rani Niwas
ganesh Nagar, Quarry Road
Bhandup, Mumbai 400 078
Phone: 022 5690145
email: vivekm@bom8.vsnl.net.in

Comet Media Foundation
Topiwala Lane Muncipal School
Lamington Road,
Mumbai 400 007
Phone: 022 3869052
email: chandita@comet.ilbom.ernet.in



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