Letters of love from Leicester, UK

Hello Friends,
Our names our Anna and Ryan. Our school is called Hazel Primary School. We are researching about legends in Leicester and Leicestershire. We have been reading about Lady Jane Grey, Joseph Merrick - The Elephant Man, and Daniel Lambert - the heaviest man that ever lived and weighed up to 52 stone 11pounds.
We have also been reading about the Romans and Danes in Leicester. We are at the City Gallery, Leicester and we have been drawing pictures about these legends. We also heard a story from a storyteller which taught us about a man who saved 3 animals' lives and the life of one man. The writer forgave the man he saved this is one way we can show love. Good bye.
Anna and Ryan


To Shanaz,
Hello Shanaz me and my friend want to tell you about friendship. Our names are Lauren and Jessica. We are both 10 years old. We are best friends. Who is your best friend? Me and my best friend are the best friends in the whole world.We like doing the same things, like swiming, rollerskating. Last year we went bowling and ice skating. What do you like doing with your best friends? Goodbye. We can't wait to speak to you again when we are at DeMontfort University.
From Lauren and Jessica

Dear Misha,
I am Jessica Hall, I am 10 years old and I go to Hazel primary School. My hobbies are swimming, playing and skipping. I have two brothers, 1is 3years and the other one is 6years old. But I don't have any sisters and I'm the oldest.
My best friend is Kristy Deacon, She is 9 years old and talks a lot.
My friends are really nice and I have millions of them.
How old are you ? Do you have any brothers and sisters ? What is the name of your school ?
Ask me questions when-evr you like.
Bye Bye for now



Letters of love from Mumbai, India

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