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by Rikesh Maisuria, Age 10, Leicester, UK

The rainbow lady set the charming and the handsome Prince a task. The task is the Prince has to fill one thousand goat skins with water racing her dragon. The seven coloured rainbow lady set this task to see if the Prince was intelligent. The Prince found himself at a long stream. The dragon was at another stream.

They got started as quickly as they could, the Prince got up to 250 goatskins in two and a half days.The dragon gained and was infront.He got up to 500 goatskins filled up in 5 days. The Prince thought, " I got to catch up otherwise I won't get the princesses hand".

The Prince went into super Turbo . He went fast as he could, he nearly broke the world record.Finally, he won the rainbow lady's hand and the Prince was so happy that he gave up to be the heir and he let his dad choose who should be the next king.

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