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by Jawad, Age 10, Leicester, UK

So, the prince was by the stream he remebered what the fairy had said. So he started filling up the thousand goat skin's with water then suddenly a gaint shadow came upon him, he turned around to see what was there. As he was turning he heard a thunder voice."What do you think you are doing that is my job", said the thundering voice." What are you", said the Prince looking up.He could not see because of the sun's rays.

"Right" said the Dragon and went away with a smile on his face. So the Prince happily filled up the 100 goat skins and he was so merry that he sung a merry tune.When the prince had finished he reappeared to the castle of the rain lord. The king was so happy to see him again and he got married with the rainbow fairy and they lived happily ever after.

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