Ending the Story

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by Jessica Hell, Age 9, Leicester, UK

The prince started filling the bags up, it took him hours to fill up all of the thousand bags. So the Prince carried all the bags, because he was so strong that he could beat up a tiger. Suddenly he saw the dragon, so the Prince started running. Faster, faster the dragon was gaining up on him, the castle was not far away now

"Right" said the Dragon and went away with a smile on his face. So the Prince happily filled up the 100 goat skins and he was so merry that he sung a merry tune.When the prince had finished he reappeared to the castle of the rain lord. The king was so happy to see him again and he got married with the rainbow fairy and they lived happily ever after.

The prince banged on the castle door, the dragon was getting so mad that it, started breathing fire! The castle door opened , the prince ran in, "Shut the door, shut it, there is a dragon coming!,"he shouted. The man shut the door.

"Thanks sir for warning me, I could have died if you hadn't told me,"said the man. "You are welcome", replied the prince.The Prince walked into the hall, where the rainbow fairy was, he showed her the bags. A man took the bags off him to make sure water was inside the bags.The man nodded when he had finished counting.

"This Prince is a hero and I will take his hand in marriage, "she said. The man went to hug her, so they were finally going to be married together. At the wedding the rainbow fairy wore a rainbow dress. They lived together in the clouds and lived happily ever after.

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