Stories about Love
The Elephant and the Dog
by Badri Narayan, Painter and Story teller

Long, long ago, there was a king.
The king had an elephant.
An elephant trainer looked after the elephant.
The trainer had a dog.
The dog and the elephant became friends.
They ate together.
They played together. 

The trainer needed money.
He sold the dog to a rich man.
The dog did not want leave his friend, the elephant.
But he had to go with his new master.

From that day on the elephant stopped eating and would not bathe.
"The elephant is ill" said everyone.
The doctor was called.
"He is not ill. He is sad. He is lonely" the doctor said.
"he needs a friend".
"Who has taken his friend away?
Who has taken the dog away?" the king asked.
"Punish that man".

The rich man who had the dog became afraid.
He set the dog free.
The dog ran out of the rich man's house.
He ran as fast as he could to.....the elephant.
Both the elephant and the dog were now happy.

They played together once again.
The elephant bathed.
And when food came, the elephant pushed the bowl towards the dog.
The dog ate. The elephant ate.

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