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What did the princess wish everyday ?
by Badri Narayan, Painter and Story teller

Long, Long ago lived a king in Timbaktu, who had a son. The king had a faithful Minister, who also had a son of the same age as the prince. The two of them grew up together and became good friends.

One day as the king addressed his subjects in court, an old aged sage walked in who was the kings teacher. The king greeted him warmly and paid due respects to him. The sage spoke about his journey around the world. This interested the two sons who were very enthusiastic about undertaking such an adventurous journey.

Each was provided with a horse and a bag of coins and were told to complete the journey in a year’s time. They set off the next day. 

As they galloped over hills and forest, they came across a vast stretch of empty barren land. Right in the middle of the land was an enchanting, huge tree, with just two huge branches, spreading in opposite directions. When seen from below the trunk of the tree, its branches appeared endless, stretching over miles and miles. This aroused their curiosity and they decided to part ways, each going in the opposite direction. They tied their horses around the trees, climbed the tree and began walking along the branches.

The prince spent days walking on the branch. Finally on the 7th day he came to the end of the branch, which was on top of a cliff. From here ne viewed a magnificent palace. Taken in by its beauty, he walked down the cliff, towards the palace. On his way towards the palace, he stumbled into an old box. On opening the box, he found a ring to which was tied a silk cloth with the message “The one who finds this ring will be lucky”. Wearing the ring, he proceeded to the palace. He looked up at the palace, and he happened to see a beautiful princess at the balcony. Spellbound he looked. He had to cross a road to reach the palace. There he met an old woman, who asked for his help to cross the road. He got to know that the old woman visits the princess with fresh garlands every morning. Next day when the old woman was off to the palace, the prince sliped a little piece of slip among the garlands proposing marriage.

Highly amused on receiving the letter, the proud princess decides to test his love for her. She replies saying that she accepts the proposal provided he is able to fulfill one wish of hers everyday for a month, failing which he would be her slave for life.

Dear children friends, 
If you were the princess what are the wishes that you would like the prince to fulfill everyday ? make a list and send it to Badri Uncle in Mumbai.


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