Stories about Love

The girl who loved flowers
Beginning by children in Leicester with
ending by children in Mumbai


Once there lived a girl.
She loved flowers.
She had a dog.
She liked the flowers so much that she always thought of flowers.
One day she had a dream that there are no flowers in the world.
She woke up frightened and..........

She did not know what to do.
She wondered and wondered.
It was night so she could not go to the garden to check it up.
And she went back to sleep.
It was past 12 when her dog woke her up.
She woke up and saw a bunch of flowers in her dog's mouth.
She thought that the dog had eaten the flowers and that this must be the last bunch of flowers.
So in anger she hit him.
But then on second thoughts she went to the window and looked out into the garden.
There in the moonlight she could see all her flowers in full bloom.
She became happy and danced and danced around.
She felt sorry for the dog and gave him a juicy bone.
And they both slept happily.

  The happy family
The tree in Bombay


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