a u d i o - v i s u a l   s u n d i a l
  This sundial, as it is self indicative is a combination of audio and visual type. Its construction comprises mainly of the base-structure and electronic components. The principle of operation is that a series of twelve LDRs (Light Dependent Resistor) is placed on an arc. The rays of the sun strike these LDRs at fixed equal intervals of time throughout the day. Nine picture tubes (CRT) are arranged in a matrix format which serves as a one large screen. Sets of speakers are present on both sides of the screen. Power to these picture tubes is sourced from three solar panels placed above the screen.  
  This comprises a system on one side of the arc. The same can appear on the opposite side also. Whenever sunrays strike a particular LDR, it triggers the audio-visual system "ON" , featuring a small documentary pertaining to the position of the LDR, corresponding to that time of the day. For e.g. if the LDR on the sunrise side is activated, the feature may show gentle chirping of birds with light-music tones. This type of sundial should be located in a garden or in some other similar public place.  
        Vinod P Kulkarni
Ritesh Gohil