f a b r i c    s u n d i a l
  This sundial consists of a fabric screen streched between a metal frame.Light from the sun is reflected on to this screen by the mirror placed behind the screen.The position of the reflection gives you the time of the day. The screen is composed of 13 segments. The middle segment being 12 NOON. The first five " MORNING " segments have planer shape signifying the fresh state of the mind in the morning.  

The next four " NOON " segments meet each other at sharp angles. The reflection of the sun in this portion is distorded. This denotes the heat and lethargy of noon.

The last four " EVENING " segments flow in a smooth wave.The reflection therefore take on an relaxed character.

The screen is 7 ft high and 13 ft wide and oriented along the east - west axis.The mirror is to the north.The morning segment are in the west, evening in the east.The roof shades the screen to allow better visibility of the feflection.


   Aditya sambhare
Pranavdatta Natekar