H o m e    a s   a    s u n d i a l
  This sundial attempts to creates the moods that go along with the time of the day. It is an enclosed room, elliptical in the plan, with strategically placed openings along the roof. These openings,13 in number, run along the east west axis.  

The floor is a 13 levels.The central level (NOON) is the lowest and then the floor gradually rises up towards both east and west.

In the morning the western levels are lit, each step denoting an hour.The plants and greenery sybmolise the feeling of freshness associated with morning .This Greenery gives way to cactile and ultimately just sand at the lowest level (NOON).The evening levels consists of water ponds of increasing proportions This is to create the feeling of relief and coolness after the hot afternoon. The approach to the sundial is through a low and darkened lobby.

       Aditya sambhare
Pranavdatta Natekar