r a v i d i a l

  Sundials that are larger than life. Here is an attempt to bring the sundial into the house or into the place of work. In other words, to build a sundial that is larger than life. Whenever a beam of light enters through a slit in the roof and falls on the wall, it traces a particuliar path across the room throughout the day.  
  This phenomenon is used to develop a concept for a sundial. Light coming in from an aperture in the roof falls at a definate place in the hall at a particular time of day. This light beam will trace a definate path throughout the day. This light is then reflected on a projection surface, using mirrors. The reflected light is manipulated to give an image of a number that indicates the time of the day.  
  Such an installation can be constructed in front of a building and the reflection can be projected on a surface inside the building.  

    Ravi kumar Goka
Rahul Adhikari