l i v e - i n    s u n d i a l
  The concept here is to live in the Sun Dial; or in other words to make your home a Sun Dial. A very simple plan is considered in this concept. The house has a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a toilet block. The rooms are planned in such a way that the kitchen and the bedroom face the EAST while the living room and the toilet block face the WEST. The openings for each space is provided in such a way that the interior light quality changes as the day progresses. In the morning time, the light first enters in the bedroom through a slit provided in the upper part of the wall. It falls on a reflector which reflects the light onto your bed. So you wake up with a rising Sun.  
  As the Sun goes further up light starts entering into the service areas i.e., the kitchen and the toilet block. In the toilet block, a semivault is provided in the roof which reflects the light inside creating a light well. A roof light is provided in the kitchen slab so that soft morning light enters into the kitchen giving it a 'neat and clean' look. Light enters into the living room through a slit in the upper portion of the wall and gets reflected from the wall on the opposite side, thus filling the space with diffused light. In the evenings, the light enters into the living room directly through a large opening on the WEST side, making it an ideal place for relaxation and casual interaction in the family. Thus you get to know the changes in time by the changing quality of light in your own home. This can be called as a Sun Dial Habitat!  

   Rishikesh Deshmukh