U m b r e l l a    s u n d i a l
  There are lots of sundials all over the world in the form of architectural monuments or buildings. These are sometimes used for other astrological purposes also. We were thinking about a sundial that will reach to the common man and can be used in day to day activities. The idea of portability becomes the important factor in the design. There are many portable sundials available but these are mostly sundials and do not cater to any other function. Since the sundial has lot of limitations regarding climate, accuracy, etc. these are not very popular.  
  We are trying to combine the sundial with a very common daily used item. To start with we thought of sundial on a cap, hat or such other things which we use for protection from sun. Finally we decided to combine the sundial with an umbrella. The umbrella has a bright colored nylon cloth with a representation of sun printed on it. There is a magnetic compass integrated in the handle.  
  The user can orient the umbrella towords north as setting the direction is a problem in the portable sun dials. There is a gnomon (pointer) in the top center of the umbrella. This will cast a shadow on the umbrella. The umbrella is calibrated for telling the local Indian time (IST) as well as the British time (GMT) . The shadow can be seen from beneath the umbrella.  
       Nilesh Akode
Mandar Bhedasgaonkar