W e l c o m e ...t o....t h e
H o u s e ...o f ..."C a l l i ....a n d ...G r a p h y"


Hello Friends!

We'll be taking you to a very special house. This is the house where"Calli and Graphy" stay happily. Together they make beautiful handwriting called Calligraphy! They have many friends living inside this house to help them write........ Would you like to meet some new friends, click on the house and come with me........inside this wonderful world of fun!

So do you see the house full of five different rooms.? Each room has many more friends inside....to see them you click on the one you wish to see........

Secret Room  (Interactive shockwave application - 415kb)

Sand Room

Wood Room

Paper Room

Stone Room

But the last room is specially interesting. Its the secret antique room! It has amazing things happening inside Come on what are you waiting for? Lets go to 'The house of Calligraphy'.