Click on the alphabetsClick on the alphabets
S C H O O L.... O F.... C A L L I G R A P H Y

Come on in all of you, and check out this school. this school is unlike anyother school you've gone before. 'IT HAS NO CLASSROMS'...and that means you dont have to listen to boring lessons.

But it has good things like a playground, where one can see our letter friends playing, tumbling and twisting.

The school of Calligraphy (sing to the tune of MacDonald)
Eiyaa Eiyaa Ooo...
and in this school there are some 'letters'
Eiyaa Eiyaa Ooo...
here an 'A' and there a 'V'...
here a twist and there a turn...and ABRACADABRA, the letters are all changing from one to another. Click on the Alphabets 'A', 'B', 'G' & 'I' to see the fun...Noticed that letters of similar shapes are grouped together.


Where you can go and make beautiful, wonderful things with your own hands.


Full of interesting things to read. You can choose any book to read...and if you visit all these places in school, we'll give you a wonderful hurry and see all the nooks and corners in the school.





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