T h e....S t r o k e s....o f....C a l l i g r a p h y

Making strokes out of your pencil, pen or brush can be fun. Strokes can be strange at times. There are some that are free and like to wander. Some can twist themselves into shapes that make you laugh. And some are straight prim and proper. Extremely well mannered things that can be


straighter than the creases of freshly ironed school uniforms.

Try drawing a curved stroke, a wavy stroke, a dancing stroke, a funny stroke and any other stroke that you can think of. You can also look for different kinds of strokes all

around you.

Calli and Graphy were very impressed with strokes. They drew all kinds of strokes.


When they drew a lot they realized that it is better to draw strokes in a particular manner.

This way the strokes looked very elegant.


Above are some examples of stokes drawn using a cut nib. The small arrows show the


direction in which to draw them.