Are Solar Eclipses Dangerous ?

Are solar eclipses dangerous ?
Solar eclipses are not in the least bit dangerous, if observed with proper care. Normally, one cannot look directly at the sun because it is too bright. But during an eclipse, just before and after totality, it is possible to look at the sun without immediate discomfort - and this
is where the danger lies.
You can damage your eyes without knowing it
It is essential to use a safe viewing filter to obsereve the ec
lipse. A filter that drastically cuts down the strength of the sun's intensity by a factor of 10,000 is recommended. Ordinary dark goggles or sun glasses are not suited for viewing the eclipse.

During the brief period of complete totality, it is safe to view the eclipse with naked eyes. In fact the beauty of totality is not only safe but truly and overwhelmingly awe inspiring. But remember that before and after totality it is necessary to protect your eyes with proper equipment and techniques.

For extra safety, restrict viewing time to not more than 15-20 seconds continuously.

Another safe way to view the eclipse is by projecting the image on a screen or a wall.

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