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Announcement, 30th August, 1999:

The event is being held at the National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai, India and is scheduled for the 7th, 8th and 9th of September 1999.

The first day will be on exploring patterns in two dimensional surfaces. The second day on exploring patterns in three dimensional environment. On the third day, the interactions will be translated into an installation.

The event is being held as a workshop that will receive inputs from painters, sculptors, tribal artists, installation artists, communicators, industrial designers, physicists and technologists. Apart from the facilitators and the participants present at the workshop-venue, the use of the Web will enable online participation, through the exchange and interaction of inputs on the given theme, from communities from around the world, including from those in India with Internet facilities.

1st Day - 7th September 1999
Introduction by Ajanta Sen
Workshop starts with different groups exploring patterns through painting, texliles, ceramics and spatial structures.

2nd Day - 8th September 1999
Talk on space and structures by Dr. Vivek Montero
Workshop on with groups exploring patterns
Dolly Takore on relation between speech and hearing

3rd Day - 9th September 1999



Form and Pattern Square in a Circle Pattern in Space Kaleidoscope Pattern in Culture Pattern Universe