T h e....S t o r y....o f....C a l l i....&....G r a p h y

One evening grandfather said this wonderful story about a girl who lived in a beautiful valley surrounded by all kinds of flowers.

Her name was Calli. She ran here and there but most of all she loved playing with lines. She drew all kinds of lines. Lines that were straight, that were crooked, that were like circles and on and on. She used to do this all the time. But she had a problem with the lines. However much she tried she was not happy with the lines that she drew. She felt that they were not beautiful and she longed for someone who could show her to draw elegantly. As days went by and no one turned up she became more and more depressed. The news of her unhappiness spread far and wide. Many came and presented her with wonderful things but she was not cheered by this.

One fine day a boy named Graphy happened to pass through this valley. Graphy heard with rapt attention the sad story of Calli. As he had been to many places and seen many beautiful things he was sure he could help Calli in making her lines beautiful. So he went to Calli and holding her hand showed her to draw. They drew together.

What came out of this were really beautiful lines . Lines that were almost full of feelings. The lines went in all kinds of shapes and were a sight to see. They even drew letters in this manner. Lots of people came to see these lines and letters. As these lines were drawn by Calli and Graphy everyone started calling it as Calligraphy and they said its about the art of drawing beautiful letters. Calligraphy became such a hit that many children learnt to do the same. And Calli and Graphy went on to live happ
ily ever after. They did Calligraphy much of the time and this made everyone happy.


Poetic version of the above story


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