c r e d i t s

We thank you for having helped out in the Solar Eclipse '99 Project :

This list will grow as we get more help for this event.

Dr. Vivek Montero for providing us with the overview of the content

Jyothi Frances for following up the project

Unni for doing wonderful work on the Home page, all the hard work on other pages, managing the web and being there all the time to help

Arvind for doing the 'smiling moon story'

Kiran for 'dig the darkness' section

Ashish and Gaurav for illustrating the 'myths and demons' section

Shyam and Hem Singh, for lending us the section on 'moon vs sun'

Sameer for doing the icons for the chat session.

Naga for his wonderful illustration on interpreting the eclipse.

Raja for writing the 'welcome poem'.

Vale, kaushik and Mayur for doing the CGI scripting for Form to e-mail, message pages and the chat session

Mayank for CGI scripting on the post image pages and the Java scripting on the home page

Thanks again,

Ajanta sen and Ravi poovaiah
Project Co-ordinators

If you would like to be part of the event or have any suggestions, write to Project Solar Eclipse '99

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