the moon........

If you go to the Himalayas you will see a cloud drifting across the sky, cast a shadow on the hills below. As the cloud moves the shadow moves. Much higher than the clouds is the moon, and as the moon moves, the shadow of the moon moves. If this shadow falls on you, you have the fortune of watching a drama called the "ECLIPSE".

The stage is the universe stretching endlessly on all sides. The central character in this play is the radiant sun, source of all energy, source of light and warm sunshine. And just when the sun seems to be stealing the show, there enters onto the stage, the unassuming moon, obscuring the sun, and in the same act revealing faces of the sun, we have never seen before... beckoning us to look up into the skies, as the lights on the stage get dimmed and the players take up their positions. Nostradamus- a mystic with a penchant for
prophetic outbursts, predicted that the end of the world is near. And indeed there are many who believe that an eclipse is a pointer to the shape of calamaties that will descend. But such prophecies are not new. Even in the past, those who understood the motions of the stars and planets could predict when and where an Eclipse would happen, and sometimes used it to their advantage.

Thankfully we are better informed. On the 11th of August once again the moon will weave its magic. If you are in the midst of a rainy season, pray to the rain gods. Pray to the curtain of clouds to clear, on this eventful day, so that you can get a glimpse of this spectacle.
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