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The Tree in Bombay
Beginning by children in Leicester with
ending by children in Mumbai


There was a city called " Bombay". In that city there was the oldest tree that ever lived. It was a corn tree. This tree was in the 1999 Guinness book of records. The council gave permission to Anit Patel to chop it down. Everyone in the whole city loved it. So the people of bombay went on strike and tried to stop Anit Patel's company. On the day, the tree was going to be chopped down, the people stood there. But Anit just drove the truck to scare the people off. The community stood hand in hand with the tree as they loved the tree. Then.......

the truck driver drove the truck very close to them. Yet the community did not make a single move. They stood still protecting the tree like a true friend. Seeing this, the truck driver stopped not knowing what to do. The community people made him promise that no more trees will be cut and to take his company far away, where there are no trees.

Friends, we are the future citizens of our country. It is in our hands to grow more trees and make this world a better place to live.

  The happy family
The girl who loved flowers


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