It is important to look at the eclipse with a safe viewing device. Otherwise you can damage your eyes without knowing it.
Design of Solar

Participate in designing a device for the safe viewing of the solar eclipse. The best of these designs will be honoured with 'Crescent on the Sun Award' on the the 10th of August, one day before the day of the total eclipse.

Design Guidelines
The design should be aimed at making the act of eclipse-viewing into an enjoyable experience. Which means that your viewer can afford to show up with a lot of fun features as part of the product. The entries must be your own ideas. And we will welcome conceptual designs that are either sketched, illustrated, rendered or photographed. It is not entirely necessary to send a prototype. All are eligible to send in entries. Have a look at solar viewer ideas mentioned in shadow play. You could build upon one or more of these ideas. Or you could come up with something that is radically different from these.

The sender continues to retain rights to his/her design of the solar viewer. By submitting your design(s) of the solar viewer, you are merely granting Project Solar Eclipse the right to publish these images on-line.

The jury shall grant those designs that seem worthy the 'Crescent on the Sun Award' for designing the solar viewer. The award winners will receive a citation and a model of the historic and magnificent sundial called the Jantar Mantar in the desert state of Rajasthan in India. As already mentioned, the winner's design ideas will also be displayed here on these web pages. In future, these will form part of a touring exhibition on the theme of our solar system.

Submission mode
A brief write-up along with an illustration, a sketch, a rendering or a photograph of the design should be sent. Please follow instructions as mentioned below:


e-mail address

Postal Address

A brief write-up explaining your design (maximum of 200 words)

Do you mind if others use your design?
Yes No

Select your Image (Gif/Jpg only) ( keep file size less than 100KB)

Click this button once to post your Image

You can also send by e-mail image submissions to
The image should be sent as an attachment. Keep file size to 100kb.

The following information must be included in your e-mail message:
1. Name
2. E-mail address
Postal Address
Title of your design
4. A brief write-up explaining your design and
5. Do you mind if others make use of your design ?


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