It is important to look at the eclipse with a safe viewing device. Otherwise you can damage your eyes without knowing it.
Shadow Play


Here are listed several innovative ways of looking and enjoying, and being in the moon's shadow while looking at the sun. Try making some of these. If you have any more ideas, let us know and we shall display them on these pages.

Fun sun filters

The solar filter can be used in interesting ways. Paint the image of a happy sun (or a moon depending on whichever you like) on a piece of cardboard. Cut the cardboard in the shape of the sun. Make holes for eyes, the nose and the mouth. Stick the solar filter from behind to cover the holes for the eyes. This then becomes a playful solar viewer and you'll begin to get identified as an eclipse-fan, possibly on your way to eclipse-chasing into the future.

Using your fingers
The simplest pinhole camera to construct would be if you crisscrossed your fingers at right angles, held the crisscrossed palms against the sunlight and then looked at its shadow on the ground. You will notice images of the sun formed all over the ground.

Look under a tree
If you have a tree with lots of leaves where you are located, try finding images of the sun formed all over the ground where the tree has cast its shade. You will notice thousands of crescents, as if in play, across the ground. These crescents have been formed by the sunlight coming through the holes or the gaps formed by the leaves on the tree.

A jute mat or a knitted shawl
If you have a piece of cloth or mat (enmeshed in jute, bamboo, etc.) that have tiny holes between the enmeshing, these could act as wonderful pin hole cameras. Hold the shawl against the sunlight and then look at the images of the sun formed on the ground.

Wearing a straw hat
If you can manage a straw hat that has a wide rim, then wear it and sit with your back to the sun. Undoubtedly, a fun thing for the kids to do. As you wear the hat, images of the sun will form through the holes in the hat's weaving and fall on the ground along with your own shadow. You could even watch the progress of the eclipse through these images.

An umbrella reflector

Get reflective stickers (a number of them) and stick them on the inside of an umbrella. Point the umbrella, the reverse side up, at the sun such that the reflection of the sun falls on a flat surface like a wall of a building or a fence. You will see hundreds of sun-images. For the sheer fun of it, paint the outside of the umbrella with bright images of the sun and the moon.

Participate in designing a device for the safe viewing of the solar eclipse. The best of these designs will be honored with 'Crescent on the Sun Award' on the 10th of August, one day before the day of the total eclipse. For details, look up design a solar viewer



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