It is important to look at the eclipse with a safe viewing device. Otherwise you can damage your eyes without knowing it.  
Pin Hole Camera

2.Eclipse Pin Hole Cameras

Here are listed many ways of looking at the sun using a pin hole camera.
Try making any of them. If you have any more ideas, participate in designing a device for safe viewing the solar eclipse.

Using your fingers
The simplest pinhole camera to construct is to crisscross your fingers at right angles, hold it against the sunlight and look at its shade on the ground. You'll notice images of the sun formed on the ground.

Look under a tree
If you have a tree with lots of leaves at your location try looking at the images of the sun formed on the ground in its shade. You will notice thousands of crescents playing around on the ground. These are formed by the sunlight coming through the holes formed by the leaves.

A jute mat or a knitted shawl
If you have a piece of cloth or mat (jute, bamboo, etc.) that have tiny holes in them, these act as wonderful pin hole cameras. Hold this against the sunlight and look at the images of the sun formed on the ground.

Wearing a straw hat
If you can manage a straw hat that has a wide rim, then wear it and sit with your back to the sun. Great thing to do for kids. Images of the sun will form through the holes in the weaving and fall on the ground along with your shadow.You can
even watch the progress of the eclipse through these images.

Two pieces of cardboard
Get two pieces of white cardboard about 2ft by 2ft. Make a small hole in one of them. Hold this against the sun and keep the other on the ground so that the image of the sun falls on it. The further you can hold the cardboard with the pin hole, the larger will be the image of the sun. The Cardboard with the small hole can be painted with images of sun and moon. Its better to leave the other as white.

Box Camera:
This can be made using a tubular box open at both ends. One end is taped with a opaque material and a small pin hole is made in the center. On the other side fix a translucent paper. When the pin hole is pointed in the direction of the sun, an image of the sun is formed on the translucent surface at the other end. The longer the tube, larger is the image of the sun .

Telescope or Binoculars
If you have a telescope or binocular, point it at the sun and project the image through the eye piece on to a screen or white cardboard. Never look at the sun through these as they can harm your eyes without you realising it.

Participate in designing a device for the safe viewing of the solar eclipse. The best of these designs will be honored with 'Crescent on the Sun Award' on the 10th of August, one day before the day of the total eclipse. For details, look up design a solar viewer


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